IMEI Unlock – How to unlock IMEI?

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. It is a unique number to identify phones based on various kinds of technologies including GSM, UMTS, LTE, iDEN mobile phones and satellite phones. You can find the IMEI number inside the battery compartment of the phone. You might want to go for IMEI unlock due to various reasons. There is difference between unlocking and unblocking. If your phone is blocked or blacklisted or stolen, you will want to unlock the IMEI. When you unlock the phone, it can be activated and you can use the phone again for making and receiving phone calls.

Why should you unlock your phone?


If you are required to sell your phone, it should be in unlocked condition. If there is a bad IMEI phone number, it will be blacklisted by the carrier. The phone will not be figure out in the communication network. If you are buying back a blacklisted phone, you should take certain precautions. You can check the status of the phone on the internet. IMEI and ESN check websites will help you in this direction. Some phones will work with some carriers in a better way and others will not work with any carrier.

The unlocking procedure

You should use ‘unlock codes’ to unlock your phone. The unlocking task can be accomplished by using the IMEI code generator software. By using the cell unlock codes, you can free your device from the carrier lock.

It is possible to switch networks without buying a new phone. If you are going on vacation, you can use local GSM SIM card with your phone. By applying the remote IMEI unlock code, you can accomplish IMEI unlock very easily. This is the easiest procedure. To perform the operation, you should know your IMEI number, network lock and model. To get your IMEI number, you can press *#06# on your device. Thus, you will not want to connect your phone to the computer to find out the number.

By using an online IMEI calculator tool, you will get a free unlock code. There are free tools which can help you in this direction. In addition to smartphones, you can unlock modems and tablets as well without any issues.

There are unlocking services by which the warranty on the iPhone will not be void. The handset will remain the same when you update the OS or sync your phone with the computer. In addition to the unlock service, you will also get technical services from the service provider so that there will not be any issues in using the phone. Various kinds of adjustments can be done to an unlocked phone.

When you go for IMEI unlock, you can save lot of money and the equipment can be used for various purposes. You can take advantage of custom access as well.

Before subscribing to the phone unlock service, you should get answers to your queries from the service provider. If you are satisfied with those answers, you can go ahead and the equipment can be used as per your needs.

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