• iPhone 6 Plus Unlocked

    Would you like to purchase unlocked iPhone 6 Plus? The unlocked cell phone is available in various colors including Silver, Grey and Gold. The cosmetic condition of the phone is good so that you will be able to make the most of your money. There are many reasons to choose an iPhone. The App Store offers high quality applications. There are more than a million applications through which versatile functions can be enjoyed.

    Enhanced productivity

    When you go for iPhone 6 Plus unlocked, you will enjoy abundant features. There will be options to enhance your creativity and you can play various kinds of games as well. You can explore the phone to full potential extent so that you can do various kinds of activities on daily basis.

    The phone supports GSM, LTE, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology. It has a built-in rechargeable battery which can be charged with USB cable by connecting to a computer or power adapter.

    As a matter of fact, the iPhone 6 Plus was engineered to deliver great results. The minimum rated talk time and minimum rated standby time are 24 hours and 384 hours (16 days) respectively. The phone comes with Lithium Ion battery. The battery backup is sufficient for 12 hours whether you are accessing internet on 3G or LTE or Wi-Fi. The video playback lasts for about 14 hours and the audio playback lasts for about 80 hours.

    The phone supports 4G network as well. The dimensions of the product are 6.22”x 0.28” x 3.06”. The weight of the product is 6.08 ounces.


    iphone 6 unlocked

    The size of the screen is 5.5 inches. The LED-backlit widescreen Multi-Touch display comes with IPS technology. It has 8-megapixel iSight camera with Optical Image Stabilization. You can capture high quality snaps in an effortless manner by using the powerful camera.

    The phone’s prominent features include A8 chip with 64-bit architecture and M8 motion coprocessor. It has 1080p HD video recording capability (30 fps or 60 fps). The phone is compatible with GSM carriers such as AT&T and T-Mobile. You can use GSM SIM cards on iPhone 6 Plus unlocked without any issues. However, you will not be able to work with CDMA Carriers such as Sprint, Verizon, Boost or Virgin as unlocked cellphones do not support the technology.

    You can view crystal clear images and videos with the help of Retina HD display. The dual-domain pixels support wider viewing angles. The screen has fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating on front and it supports display of multiple languages and characters simultaneously. The phone is compatible with nano-SIM. It is not compatible with microSIM cards.

    You can send text messages very easily with the phone. It will also facilitate in watching movies of your choice in a convenient way. The phone has convenient audio visual features so that you can play games as well. The spacious screen will help in the enhancement of the productivity.

    What are the drawbacks?

    As the phone size is large, you will not be able to stuff it in your pocket. It will obstruct your running as well so that it will be very inconvenient. If you are new to iOS, you will find it to be very restrictive in making changes on the screen. However, you will be able to arrange icons as per your needs in an effortless manner.


    The iPhone 6 Plus offers great features so that you will be able to make the most of your money. The iOS 8 will help you manage the resources in the phone in an efficient way. The phone comes with Apple earpods with remote and mic, USB cable and adapter. You can go through the documentation before using the phone so that it can be used in a very efficient way. There will be great visual entertainment and you can find improvement in handling communication channels. iPhone 6 Plus unlocked is the best option to accommodate GSM carriers and GSM SIM cards. The phone is fitted with powerful processor, display system and decent power backup. There are highly satisfied customers and would like to share the good news with others. You are advised to go through the reviews and product documentation so that you can compare its features and settle for the best smartphone as per your budget!

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