Unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge in just a few simple steps. You can receive the unlock code within a couple of minutes and get your hands on this wonderful, most-talked about smart phone model.

Usually, unlocking phones can prove to be extremely challenging, but not this one. If you follow our listed suggestions, you no longer need to turn to technical skills or support to get the phone unlocked. So, wait no longer and get on with it as the new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge — the most popular devices of 2016 as the connoisseurs call it — promises to take you to a world you never have visited before.

It is essential to make the phone carrier free; therefore, we have prepared an inventory for you with easy instructions to follow in order to make the entire procedure hassle free and a less stressful one.Unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with the below easy steps.

Unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Since you own a SIM which is locked, you ought to get it immediately unlocked for you to be able to use the phone’s variations. Getting an unlock code is fairly simple. Though there are a few service providers who offer unlock codes for free to their lucky customers, like our site. This is when ordering for a code online becomes crucial.

There are two ways of getting the code. First, you can enter the eight digit network Samsung unlock code sent to you via email. Use this code to unlock the phone in a safe, fast and easy manner.

You can find the ESN  IMEI  MEID tied to your device in many ways:

  • Behind the device’s battery
  • In menu, on the “About” section
  • On the device’s backcase


Now, place a request for an unlock code.

Check the offer provided by our site and very soon, a confirmation email will be sent to you and just insert the code and you are good to explore.

In some rare cases, your phone may not ask for the unlock code. Or they may be no designated space to insert the unlock code. If any of this situation occurs, contact either the service provider or write an email to the mobile company to know the course of action.

Other requirements

In order to follow the above mentioned steps, it is essential to keep up with the eligibility requirements. For starters, you need to verify if the purchased device is not associated with any fraudulent activity and you possess a receipt given by the provider after the transaction. If your device has been reported stolen or lost, you fail to fulfill the eligibility criteria. Therefore, it is advised you get in touch with the retailer who sold you the device in this case.

Benefits of unlocked handset

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is the most anticipated phone of 2016. For obvious reasons, unlocking this handset will only give you benefits. So, unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge right away. The manufacturers offer the root option. In case you decide to root your handset, you are sure to gain more features than with just simple unlocking of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Also, as soon as you unlock the phone, you will be opening the door to exceptional other advantages.

You will be free to use your phone with any network provider no matter which country you are in around the globe. This will make traveling abroad or to almost any corner of the world hassle free. Don’t forget that the minute you unlock this handset, you will only be adding more and more value to it. Check our unlock section and unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge today for FREE.

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