How to fix your SIM network unlock pin on Android devices

SIM network unlock pin

A sim network unlock PIN is nothing but a particular technical restriction that is built into the GSM/CDMA smart mobile devices by their manufacturers. This lock system is probably made for the different service providers so they can able to restrict their users from the use of the phones in any other networks or countries.

At present, the Android smart phones and tablets have the heavy demands among the huge numbers of users in the market. There are various kinds of the mobile manufacturing companies making the Android mobile phones. Some of them are coming with the SIM unlock feature.

Fixing the SIM network unlock pin:

If the users of the android devices like to use any particular mobile phone, you can’t use it with the various SIM operators. The following are the different ways to fix the SIM network unlock pin on the different branded android mobile phones.

A SIM network unlock pin can actually be unlock with the help of the particular software. If you have selected the flawlessly working and highly reliable software, you can easily do it on your android mobile devices. In order to fix SIM network unlock pin problem using the android software, first of all you should need to download these following steps suggested by the experts.

  • First of all, you should need to download and launch the software first on your PC after checking out its background details and authentication.
  • Then, you have to connect your android smart device to your laptop or desktop computer via the USB. It is also very important to have the USB debugging enabled so your android mobile will be automatically detected by your software. Now, you have to click on the next button.
  • Now in this step, you have to set your device in the service mode, diagnostic by dialling the particular numbers, or USB settings. At the same time, you have to select an appropriate mode on your smart phones.
  • Next, you should click unlock.

Your selected software will be helpful for you to unlock your SIM and wait for a while to precede it.

Some other necessary steps to fix SIM unlock pin:

  • Once your android mobile phone is unlocked, now you should need to bring it back to the normal mode.
  • According to the model of your mobile phone, you have to dial the specific numbers on your phone and select the different letter combinations on the hidden menu then click on the next button. It will completely get back your android device to the normal mode.

Some of the advanced applications will display an actual status of your Android mobile phone whether it is locked or unlocked.

By this way, you can easily detect what to do using that software application to get network for your SIM card. Instead of downloading the software, you can also use our Website for the same process of fixing your sim network unlock pin on the Android devices.

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