How to unlock iPhone 6S Plus for free


In this article you will learn how to unlock your iPhone 6S Plus free, to use it with any mobile network, worldwide.


What is an Unlocked Phone?


An unlocked phone is a phone that you can use it with any SIM card from any network. SIM unlocking your phone allows you to use your phone with any mobile network, worldwide. Unlocking your iPhone 6S Plus will allow you to switch to another network before to finish your contract.


If you travel abroad, you will be able to use a local SIM card and make cheaper calls or navigate to internet without to pay expensive roaming services.

Before you do anything else, you need your IMEI number of your iPhone 6S Plus.

You can find this number usually under the battery of the device or you can dial *#06#, you can also find it in the settings menu. Please make sure your IMEI number is 100% correct.

How unlock your phone for free?

The method used to unlock your iPhone 6S Plus for free is the official method recommended by manufacturers and does not void warranty of your phone or change in any way the software on your phone. unlock your phone for free through their advertisers!

You do not need to spend any money to unlock your phone!

 This website, use an alternative e-commerce payment system in which you get your phone unlocked, not by paying for that directly, but simply by completing a FREE offer with another company, without to pay anything. uses their advertiser’s revenue to pay for getting your phone unlocked, instead of you!

Your phone will be white-listing in Manufactures Database, and you will be able to use it with any SIM card of any company, worldwide.

This payment model is known as “Get It Free”.

Check what Wikipedia has to say about “Get It Free”, payment model:

The Unlocking Process is pretty straightforward

You must complete the unlocking form from the first page of this website: with the exact phone model as, I say before in our case is iPhone 6S Plus, IMEI number, and a valid email address where you will receive an email notification when your phone its unlocked.

It can take up to an hour to receive email notification or up to 3 business days depending on the mobile network where your phone it’s locked.

After that, you just need to follow the unlock instructions emailed to you and in just few minutes your iPhone 6S Plus will be ready to use with any mobile network, worldwide. 

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