A detailed review of iPhone unlocking service

iphone unlock

Getting an iPhone is a desire for most of the teenagers and adults, sometime your iPhone will get locked due to many reasons. Locked phones are commonly happens when the phones are purchased through barrier but when it comes to iPhone get locked with any network. It creates frustration and lots of stress to you and make it so hard to enjoy other networks too while travelling since it costs more. Previously there is possible to unlock your iPhone using software installation which is no longer at present. Some may think whether it is possible to unlock your iPhone? As an answer to this there are some legal ways available which effectively provides iPhone unlock service.

Ways to unlock locked iPhone:

In order to unlock iPhone mainly two ways are used such as.

  • Carrier unlocking
  • Unlocking paid service

Carrier unlocking:

Method 1: it is one of the common methods of unlocking the phone by contacting your carrier and let them to unlock your locked phone. In many cases there are no issues for mobile carrier to unlock the locked phone until all the fees contract are paid in proper way. But in some cases the mobile provider would ask for a valid reason to unlock your phone for example if  the customer is traveled to different country and returned back, need to unlock phone it is a valid reason and can be done by mobile provider. Because sometime unlocking phone may lead to risk factor so without a valid reason one cannot unlock phone by using carrier.

Method 2: if you do not have a valid reason and wish to switch over to another carrier then instead of contacting your own carrier you can contact to other carrier. Because the opponent carriers are always ready to unlock the phone which is locked by the rivals company. That helps you to unlock your iPhone and use other network.

Unlocking paid service:

You can unlock your phone by having paid service at present many companies unlock your phone as paid service. The companies mainly sell the unlocking codes by collecting fee for that. It is up to your wish to choose the company but you have to think twice before making any payment to the company. Since there are many scams using this method to unlock phone.

How to activate service in iPhone?

For iphone unlock service the provider should retrieve IMEI code of iPhone which make the phone to get added to list of official apple unlocked phone list. By doing this it prevents the phone not get locked again while upgrading versions or operating systems. One can get this IMEI code just by dialing *#06# or it can be found either back of the phone or it may be printed even on SIM card tray. Rather it can be retrieved by getting iTunes summary.

After unlocking you can check whether service is on by inserting new service carrier sim card if still no service, reset the network service and restart your iPhone. You can also activate through iTunes by connecting to the computer or Wi-Fi still it’s not working then restore latest IOS version to unlock your iPhone and enjoy services.

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